Privacy Policy

The content hereof shall provide you with details of Sonorous Studios’ privacy policy. Any kind of information not provided here is given to our customers on their user agreement. Any sort of information can be considered null if agreed upon on the user agreement.

We do not sell your private details or account information that you provide us with to third parties without your consent. We will protect your data with both physical and technological ways to our best of capabilities. We may use your data ourselves for promotional and research purposes, unless discussed in the user agreement. Your email address will be used to send you updates on our services and promotions.

By visiting our website third parties may place cookies on your browsers for targeted advertising purposes. This may include collecting IP addresses and cookie identifiers. This data may be used by third parties for advertising on other websites based on your online activity.

While using our services, you are responsible for your accounts and passwords, and will have to agree to protect your account information. We will not be responsible for any data breach from your part. In case there is a data breach, we will hold the rights to withhold our services.

We do not guarantee that our website, server, or emails sent by us are free of viruses. You explicitly comply and agree that your use of the Website is at your own individual risk.